Friday Five for July 22th,2005

You’re stranded on a deserted island.
Somehow, magically, you knew to bring the following five things to make being stranded somehow bearable.

そ、そりゃ、大変だ。。。とオタオタするか?、仕事しなくてラッキーかも。。。とほくそえむか? どっちですか?あなたは。

1. What form of entertainment would bring with you (eg: a certain book or a badmitton set)?

ちょっぱーと嫁さん (みんな知らないだろうけど、こいつら最強!)

2. What tools would you bring with you?

ちょっぱーと嫁さん (役に立たない道具ね)

3. Who would you bring with you?

ちょっぱーと嫁さん (とにかく飽きないと思うこのコンビ)

5. Name one grab bag item you would have with you (anything you want).

ちょっぱーと嫁さん (寄せ集め感がgood!)

4. Name one thing you simply couldn’t live without on the island.

ちょっぱーと嫁さん (が、やかましすぎて・・・)

※告げ口、厳禁! :lol:

TBP 『the friday five』



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